Nicci uses her life experiences and those of her clients to help you make crucial changes for the better in your life. This helps in the quest to manage chronic pain and overcome associated challenges. Nicci's personal experiences make her an empathetic and insightful catalyst of change to mangage your chronic pain, stress and anxiety.








Surviving a life-threatening brain tumour operation in 2001, Nicci was left with excruciating pain in her head. The throbbing and burning sensation along with swelling and shooting pains initially took over her life.


Nicci has three plates and six screws in her head and for a few months after her operation was feeling depressed, anxious and lacking confidence. She was offered the option of taking antidepressants and strong pain killers that would knock her out and have other side effects including sickness and headaches!!


She chose to live her life without them and take control of the pain and her mindset by using her own "Mind Medication".


A line Nicci likes to use from the film Shawshank Redemption is "Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying" and thats exactly what she helps people to do.


Nicci can now get up in the morning and enjoy life instead of hiding under the duvet feeling she's unable to cope.


Using her "Mind Medication" techniques has given her and others she coaches a boost of confidence and wellbeing to know they can help themselves and make positive changes to manage their pain and overwhelm.


Over the next few months Nicci will be offering you a series of videos  with tips on how to utilise simple tools that are highly effective when practised regularly. 


If you would like more information on how to access the videos and other information please fill in your details on the contact page.


You can find great peace and happiness when you know you are not alone in your challenges.



Imagine what you would like to do that your pain and stress are, frustratingly, stopping you from doing.


It may be going for a walk, enjoying an evening out with friends without feeling exhausted from your pain or maybe you want to go on your dream trip or make a big change in your career .....









Following Nicci's brain tumour operation she was determined to see the  gorillas in the Virunga mountains in Rwanda and focused on making it happen. There's a short video of the trip below.


Nicci could have let the pain in her head take control of her as she started to climb and the air became thinner with the altitude. But she found an effective way of telling the pain: "I'm in control of you - you're not  in control of me." Nicci effectively visualised sending the pain away on a trip to the outer Hebrides!


Visualisation and positive self-talk are powerful tools which you can learn to use to manage your chronic pain and other challenges. There are also many other invaluable techniques. Our minds are an amazing creation to help us deal with physical pain, stress and anxiety. Nicci's Mind Medication methods show you how.


Nicci managed to achieve her dream of seeing the gorillas and had the added bonus of spending an amazing time with the children from the local African village. She was inspired to see that those who had virtually nothing in the way of material possessions had everything when it came to laughter and having fun.


When you have your chronic pain, anxiety and stress under control, you can have more laughter and fun too!