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Brain Tumour Research - Hugh Adams Head Of PR & Media

It was a huge pleasure to have coffee with Nicci Roscoe (pictured below supporting this year’s Wear A Hat Day) earlier this week.


Broadcaster, inspirational speaker and brain tumour survivor Nicci has been a supporter of ours for a number of years.

Her brain tumour and subsequent treatment has left her with a legacy of chronic pain which she has combatted with her characteristic positive energy.


She says she cannot forget what has happened and isn’t in denial about it but she works to manage and accept the pain by listening to her body.


Focus and planning can help deal with potentially stressful situations before they occur and breathing and relaxation techniques are an antidote to the anxiety that can trigger her “head attacks.” Diet has a part to play too.


It’s an approach that Nicci calls ‘Mind Medication’ which is a process that she has developed to help herself and help others as she remain's as vivacious as ever.



Great to see you again Nicci – do click hear to find out more about Nicci’s story:







I have suffered with chronic back pain for many years now and have always gone down the traditional route in terms of cure or coping with it, with the odd visit for acupuncture over the years. 


Back in January of this year, I came across, by accident, Nicci’s site on ‘Mind Medication’.  Considering myself ‘open’ to anything alternative, I contacted Nicci and we arranged for her to come to see me the following week for a half-day session. 


It was a revelation.  Nicci really will show you how to cope with pain if, and when, like me, you are in despair and do not know which way to turn.  It took more than one visit and some Skype sessions, because when you have been in pain for so many years it becomes the norm and is almost worn like a blanket, which seems completely ridiculous now!  Nicci also got me exercising again, and my goodness, I do feel the benefits.


Nicci is a breath of fresh air and meeting up with her either in person or on Skype is always a joy and she really makes you want to feel better.  Yes, I do still have pain, but whereas before I would wrap myself in cotton wool and want to lie down for the day and not deal with anything, Nicci will show you what to do to enable you to get on with your life in less pain.  No more wasted time…


Nicci Roscoe is brilliant and I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Lizzie T, Norfolk









by Nicci Roscoe


  • Re-arrange Your Kitchen Utensils
  • Change Your Mindset
  • Transform Your Lifestyle


You may wonder what kitchen utensils have to do with chronic back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or any other pain!


If you suffer from any form of chronic pain and bend down to lift heavy pots, pans and dishes from drawers; or stretch up and across to get to plates, condiments and kitchen utensils then maybe it’s time to re-arrange everything to help you manage your symptoms in a less painful and more user-friendly environment.


And it doesn’t just stop at the kitchen!


There may be other areas in your home that are hidden traps including your clothes cupboards with rails you can barely reach, shelves with t-shirts on that are far too high or too low and shoes that are lost in a confusion at the bottom of your cupboard!


A new kind of 2018 spring clean could put a spring in your step.


Managing your kitchen and wardrobe can help you manage your chronic pain and avoid extra injuries!


By moving some of your items in the kitchen and wardrobe to a manageable height where you don’t have to bend and stretch unnecessarily can take pressure off the areas you need to take care of.  


Having a low user-friendly stool to give you an extra hand can also be useful.


There are ways to bend and open the oven and dishwasher and ways to stretch without putting yourself under pressure.


Mind Medication helps you manage your chronic pain by using the power of your mind - and to re-arrange your day-to-day lifestyle.


When I’m working with clients struggling with chronic pain, helping you re-arrange your kitchen and wardrobe can be a part of it.


But of course most of the focus is more directly on you - helping you manage your pain by working with your mind and body to adopt a different approach by using a range of tools and techniques to feel more confident about what you can achieve. 


This enables you to change any limiting beliefs you have that are preventing you from living the life you want.


Our minds are a powerful tool and if we want to make change then we can.


If you would like to have a chat on the phone about how I can help you make these lifestyle changes and manage your pain, please email: or call 0044 (0) 7958984195