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Crystal Healing Course - Level 1


"Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy to work with for self-healing, self-development and treating clients" 


Learn Crystal Healing Level 1 with Nicci Roscoe  "The Mind Medication Expert".


Learning more about crystals and working with them is so exciting and special. It opens up a whole new world"


Level 1 is also available on Zoom with a minimum of 10 to 100 people and more working together in pairs. If you're unable to work in pairs you will need to practise with someone in between sessions.


 For those wanting to do Level 1 in person, Nicci is working with groups of a minimum of 4 to 6 people since coronovirus and lockdown.


If you wish to host the course at your home and have 5 others that would like to do it, there will be no charge for you as the host apart from supplying refreshments in the breaks.


It's also possible for you to host Crystal Healing Courses and Workshops in different parts of the world.




 Bookings on 0044 (0)7958984195 to book now. 



"Nicci's passion and energy when teaching is incredible. I've learnt so much from her on the different crystal healing day workshops and can't wait to do the Level 1 course to get my first crystal healing qualification" Jess, Surrey





The Level 1 course is a weekend workshop or four half days on Zoom anywhere in the world. 

It involves discussions and practical work with crystals, how crystals work, what crystals do and how to work with crystals.


We will also explore the many ways that crystals work, what crystals do and how to work with crystals.


We'll look at ways other therapies link to crystals - such as Reiki and how you can use them in different classes or workshops including Yoga and during Meditation.


This Crystal Course is certified and you will receive a Level 1 certificate once completed







Crystals and Crystal Healing Course Syllabus Level 1 -

 2 days in person or 4 half days on Zoom


.  Introduction to crystals - how they are formed, identifying

   crystals (ongoing throughout the course)


.  Sources of information, recommended reading, intuition,

    pendulum dowsing


.  Energy, transmuting energy


.  How crystals work, crystals in technology, crystals in   



.  Cleansing crystals


.  Protection, Grounding

.  Crystal energy experience


.  Crystal healing: physical pain


.  What is healing?







How To Work With Crystals Part 1


. Pendulum dowsing, selecting crystals, intuition, reference books

.The Energy System, chakras, what, where, why, which and how, major

   chakras, minor chakras, meridians (nadis), balance

   How To Work With Crystals Part 2

Crystal chakra sets, self-healinghealing others



  How To Work With Crystals Part 3 


. Laying on of stones, 17 point treatment plan, greeting, consent forms,

   what does the client need?  Free-crystal, body gridding, quartz stars,

   amethyst trails, brushing aura, sealing aura

. Treatments basic introduction, room, crystals, music, incense/oils,

    windows, floor or therapy bed/couch, colour, preparing yourself, your






 Why, different methods for cleansing crystalscrystals for cleansing

 the body

. Heart centre, physical, emotional, spiritual, crystals

. Stress, fight and flight response/relaxation response
. Programming crystals, why and how?

. Crystal balls, history, scrying, meditation, space

    clearing, distant healing, earth healing, dumping
.  Q & A




Beautiful Labradorite - This stunning magical crystal gives so much. It helps to inspire you and enhances your energy flow between your aura and your chakras. Its also wonderful at helping with stress, anxiety insecurity and so much more.

Attendance and practical application in class in person or on Zoom qualifies for certification.
Cost Of Level 1:
 £195  - plus Level 1 Crystal Set which includes all the crystals you need for the course. There is a special offer of 30% off the original price of £216 which is £150.


Following your Level 1 certificate Nicci can then take your knowledge and experience with crystals to the next level to work with your clients:


.Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioners Course - This course requires

  submitting case studies before qualifying as a practitioner

.Crystal Healing Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Course


Both courses receive certification.









Nicci offers crystal and meditation workshops on line and in person. For more information contact her on 0044 (0)7958984195.


For one-to-one healing treatments: please see the page "Crystal & Reiki Healing Treatments" above in menu.



As a Master Crystal Healer and Teacher and Reiki Master I'm Delighted To Combine Crystal Healing and Reiki along with other things such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - That I Give You With The Mind Medication Process

Take Care Of You With Rose Quartz The Crystal Of Love

Feel Courage From Within From Tigers Eye And Feel Protected From Negative Energies With Fluorite

Clear Negative Energies

Citrine Is Known As The Money Crystal It Is Also The Crystal Of Abundance For So Much More

Keep A Piece Of Citrine In Your Pocket, By Your Bed and Hold It When Meditating If Abundance And Happiness Is What You Are Asking For

Sage to cleanse your home, your office space and yourself

Tibetan Tingsha Bells For Creating A Calm Space When Meditating - For Starting & Finishing Meditation And For Clearing Any Unwanted Energies.

Selenite - The Gentlest And Most Sensitive Of Crystals For Self Clearing, Protection And More. Beautiful To Meditate Holding It With Rose Quartz

Re-Energise With Magical Clear Crystal Quartz