This recent article written by Nicci Roscoe for The Mail On Sunday newspaper and The Mail Online can inspire and give you hope that you can manage your pain levels, live your life and breathe again.


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Being shown Nicci Roscoe’s Mind Medication techniques has been a life-changing experience.

I was stuck in a dark hole, suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. As a result of the series of sessions with Nicci, I now smile. I’m happy and looking forward to my future.

My friends and family have noticed a massive change in my attitude towards life.

I’m bubblier. I feel better. In fact, I feel like a new me.

The problems began when I had an accident at work. It left me in daily chronic pain and anxious about every day - let alone my future.

I was depressed and unable to sleep at night. I was missing out on special family and friends’ occasions.  This left me sleeping during the day due to the amount of painkillers I had to take to try to block out the pain.

By applying Nicci’s techniques, I'm now able to manage my pain without letting it get me down. I’ve been able to stop taking painkillers and focus on my future.

Where I had a negative mindset and found every day a struggle, I now think positively all day every day!

And have a new rush of energy.

Working with Nicci and using the techniques she taught me to manage my chronic pain and anxiety has changed my life dramatically. It has helped me get to my final goal of being virtually pain-free and getting my life back.

I cannot thank Nicci Roscoe enough for her help and support. She is amazing and I am forever grateful!


Jessica - Surrey, Graphic Designer







I have suffered with chronic back pain for many years now and have always gone down the traditional route in terms of cure or coping with it, with the odd visit for acupuncture over the years. 

Back in January of this year, I came across, by accident, Nicci’s site on ‘Mind Medication’.  Considering myself ‘open’ to anything alternative, I contacted Nicci and we arranged for her to come to see me the following week for a half-day session. 

It was a revelation.  Nicci really will show you how to cope with pain if, and when, like me, you are in despair and do not know which way to turn.  It took more than one visit and some Skype sessions, because when you have been in pain for so many years it becomes the norm and is almost worn like a blanket, which seems completely ridiculous now!  Nicci also got me exercising again, and my goodness, I do feel the benefits.

Nicci is a breath of fresh air and meeting up with her either in person or on Skype is always a joy and she really makes you want to feel better.  Yes, I do still have pain, but whereas before I would wrap myself in cotton wool and want to lie down for the day and not deal with anything, Nicci will show you what to do to enable you to get on with your life in less pain.  No more wasted time….

Nicci Roscoe is brilliant and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Lizzie T, Norfolk




"Thank you for being there for me today.
I want to let you know, how much you made my day better today.
I can breathe normally again.
Our conversation really helped me a lot. I am feeling so much better now".





"Nicci you are always full of energy, very bubbly and enthusiastic about everything that you do. Your happy spirit, free nature and eagerness to help others leaves a glowing impression on all those who are fortunate enough to work with you.

You always draw out the best in me. Encouraging me to move forward and not to keep delving in the past, rather to learn from it and let go, seeing only the good from any particular incident. Above all, you opened my eyes to see the world that lies within me, to believe in me and the endless possibilities that exist by doing so.

To travel along life's highway with you helping me has given me a zest for life into what had otherwise been a very painful, tiring journey."


Ashwin Amin




"I felt inspired by what Nicci has been through and achieved and I contacted her to see if through coaching I could improve my life.


I felt I was in a very dark place at the time and needed a way of turning things around.


From the very first contact I started to feel better and see things in a different way. After having a series of coaching sessions I really do feel a different person now.


Nicci showed me how to turn a negative into a positive and no matter how dark things seem. There is always a way out and light at the end - you just have to be positive and see things in a different way and things will turn out right.


I can't thank Nicci enough for her help and guidance - she is a fabulous person and so full of life and fun and enthusiasm for her work - you can't help but like her. She truly is an inspiration."


Peter Hall




"Nicci has a passion and energy unrivalled like any other I know. The time which she makes for people on a regular basis is above and beyond the call of duty and a true inspiration

Thank you"


Will Leslie




"Nicci draws from her own experiences, and strength and has guided me towards my own goals and aspirations. Her spirit and celebration of life is contagious, and her enthusiasm is extremely motivating. She is very comfortable to be with and gave me hope and inspiration from the moment I met her."


Lara, Fashion Consultant





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