COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways. Working from home can be very challenging if you're

used to working in an office. 


There are ways to manage it and I can help you and your people with one-to-ones or through webinars and interactive workshops on Zoom.  


Please contact me for a phone chat via my email nicciroscoe@mindmedication.co.uk. or call me from the number below.  


We will get through this.


I wrote the following copy pre-coronavirus to help give you more awareness of your own wellbeing and that of colleagues and your teams. This can then help you to focus on the success you want to achieve personally and for your company.


Are you taking too many days off work and if so what do you think is causing this?


. Are you feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by your work load?

. Do you find every day a challenge because of chronic pain or an illness that is affecting you or a family member and has an impact on your work and your work-life balance?

. Or perhaps you are finding juggling your home and work life too much and don't know how to manage it.


  If you say YES to any of the above it's time to stop, take a step back and look at what you are doing and what you can do to make significant changes to improve your wellbeing at work and home through the Mind Medication process.


There are many tools and techniques to help manage stress and pain.


If you're suffering from back pain this can be very debilitating or maybe you have arthritis or head pain that is holding you back. Whatever it is there is a way to manage it and make positive changes to enable you get on with your work life.


 It's time to take back control of your emotions and actions.



"Nicci draws from her own experiences, and strength and has guided me towards my own goals and aspirations. Her spirit and celebration of life is contagious, and her enthusiasm is extremely motivating. She is very comfortable to be with and gave me hope and inspiration from the moment I met her."


Lara, Fashion Consultant, London/New York




"Amazing and motivation. Truly authentic and transparent. Great information you can apply to  your business and personal life"

Jenny Brewster, Founder of The Podcasting Company



“Nicci Roscoe is one of the best. She’s not only warm and enthusiastic and fun,but the insights and tools she gives her audiences to promote confidence are practical and effective. I would highly recommend her.”

John Hotowka – Wit & Wisdom – (Achievement Thinking Speaker)




If you would like to speak to Nicci about how she can help you please contact her via her email address or telephone:



00 44 (0) 7958984195