Date: JANUARY 23rd 2021

Time: 10am-4pm

Cost: £135 including manifestation kit

Email: to book or what's app Nicci on: 07958984195 Bookings also on





Loving yourself can be the key to opening up your heart and mind and being ready to manifest romance.

"I was going through a challenging time in my life....having got divorced from a long term relationship and was looking to start the next phase of my life.

I contacted Nicci to get guidance on how to start my next steps into finding a new relationship.

It was an incredible experience. We worked closely on manifesting my dream partner - developing skills to not only know what I want in my next relationship but developing the key focus in loving myself first.

I grew in confidence, trust in myself, trust in the process and shortly after met a wonderful partner.

I cannot thank Nicci enough for the wonderful support and for helping me find love again"

Lucy from London


Self-love and self-care can open us up to so many wonderul feelings.


The first part of the day will give you different tools and techniques  to: 


Give Yourself Love


  • Be in tune with your body and your thoughts
  • Listen to yourself
  • Get in touch with your intuition and what you need
  • Nurture yourself
  • Discover your inner beauty
  • Feel confident about yourself



 Constantly giving others what you need can drain you of your own energy and leave you feeling exhausted and not special.


Having 'me time' can give you that special time to focus on you.


It's not just about how you look on the outside - it's about how we feel on the inside that projects outwardly.


You may feel lonely and sabotage different situations because you don't feel worthy and blame yourself for past trauma's or upsets.


You may also use food as a comforter and you may shut out family and friends who want to be there for you.


You don't need to do that anymore as you begin to feel so much better about you.


Here's the second part of your day:



Manifesting Romance





When you're feeling good, love yourself again and are taking care of you anything is possible.


There is someone out there for you. 


It's time to let the universe know what you want and open up your heart and mind.


“I wasn't sure about manifestation. I've never done it before - however I realise that manifestation does work after seeing the results and the outcomes and the alignment between myself and what Nicci had asked me to do. I could not believe it. The results were clear. I have told my closest about it and they say it's unbelievable but it's not - it's real. It actually works. I was so impressed. Thank you Nicci!


After my manifestation I wasn't sure what to expect so I followed the advice which was to be patient and believe. And within weeks I met my partner - the person I manifested. It's all quite unreal and unbelievable. But I'm here to tell the story within 12-months of meeting Nicci.”


Josh from North London


 Manifesting romance can now begin.


During these challenging corona times you may not be able to meet someone in a bar or club. You can still meet online or through introductions.


We will show you how to manifest romance by:


  • Discovering what you really want through manifestation meditation and visualisation
  • Asking for exactly what you want during the Mind Medication ceremony with crystals, candles, incense and rose petals 
  • Create your own crystal elixir to take home with you and drink every day to keep your vision energised
  • Feeling positive, lighter and focused on the new you with hope in your heart and a new found energy of excitement


At the end of the day you can take home your own manifestation kit as part of the process to continue and keep the flame of manifesting romance burning inside you.


It can happen if you want it too!




As a Master Crystal Healer and Teacher and Reiki Master I'm Delighted To Combine Crystal Healing and Reiki along with other things such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - That I Give You With The Mind Medication Process

Take Care Of You With Rose Quartz The Crystal Of Love

Feel Courage From Within From Tigers Eye And Feel Protected From Negative Energies With Fluorite

Clear Negative Energies

Citrine Is Known As The Money Crystal It Is Also The Crystal Of Abundance For So Much More

Keep A Piece Of Citrine In Your Pocket, By Your Bed and Hold It When Meditating If Abundance And Happiness Is What You Are Asking For

Sage to cleanse your home, your office space and yourself

Tibetan Tingsha Bells For Creating A Calm Space When Meditating - For Starting & Finishing Meditation And For Clearing Any Unwanted Energies.

Selenite - The Gentlest And Most Sensitive Of Crystals For Self Clearing, Protection And More. Beautiful To Meditate Holding It With Rose Quartz

Re-Energise With Magical Clear Crystal Quartz