Are you at your wits end and don't know what to do to relieve your chronic pain?


Would you like help to manage stress and anxiety?


Imagine how it would feel to have control of it... be able to tell your pain, stress or anxiety "I'm in control of you - you aren't in control of me!"


This is what Nicci Roscoe has been doing to help herself and others for over 35 years.


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  •   Chronic Pain
  •   Stress And Anxiety 
  •   Managing Overwhelm And Boosting Your Confidence
  •   Managing sleep patterns
  •   One-To-One Skype Or Phone Coaching Sessions
  •   One-To-One Sessions In Person
  •   Half Day Group Seminars
  •   One Day Group Seminars
  •   One-To-One Exclusive Half Day And Day Retreat



"Being shown Nicci Roscoe’s Mind Medication techniques has been a life-changing experience.


I was stuck in a dark hole, suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. As a result of the series of sessions with Nicci, I now smile. I’m happy and looking forward to my future.


My friends and family have noticed a massive change in my attitude towards life.

I’m bubblier. I feel better. In fact, I feel like a new me" Jessica, Graphic Designer, Surrey



See more of this testimonial and others look at Media Links, Testimonials And Videos above.






The first chapter of her book "Fabulous Impact" - Step Into The New You & Rewrite Your Own Script









* Manage your chronic pain, stress and anxiety by giving you her Mind Medication tools and techniques that she has developed over many years and through managing her own chronic pain following her life-threatening brain tumour operation in 2001.


* Start believing in yourself again and what you can achieve.


* Feel more energy physically and mentally as Nicci helps you by drawing on her expertise as a health and fitness TV and Radio presenter and her time as head of aerobics for the David Lloyd Clubs UK.


* Release stress, anxiety and the feeling of overwhelm.


* Clear any blockages that are preventing you from being who you want to be.


* Rediscover 'you' again.


* Release your true potential.


* Realign your focus


* Have more support and know you are not alone.


* Boost your confidence and build resilience to enable you to take new steps forward.


* Show you updates on managing chronic pain and new research that may be beneficial.


* Feel more energy physically and mentally and notice how much more quality sleep time you are able to have.


* Start enjoying life and doing things you didn't think possible.


Nicci was once unable to be in a room with noise following her operation. Now she is able to listen to music

and have fun playing the drums!


This is because of Nicci's Mind Medication methods along with her life experiences and qualifications as a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Nicci benefited from training with NLP co-founder Richard Bandler and hypnotist Paul McKenna. She is also able to draw on the training she had with meditation guru Deepak Chopra in the USA and her studies enabling her to become a Reiki practitioner.


* There may be something you have longed to do and your chronic pain and anxiety has prevented you from doing it. Self- belief and the power of your mind can make it happen when you have the right tools.


* Be part of Mind Medication Seminars and Retreats that will enable you to meet others managing their pain and stress and gain the opportunity to support each other.


* Watch her step-by-step video series.


* Receive the first chapter of her book "Fabulous Impact - Step into the new you and rewrite your own script".


To find out more about how to get Nicci's video series and to receive the first chapter of her book as a gift please fill in your details on the contact page above and we will be in touch with you soon.


You have now taken your first steps to making positive change to enable you to start the process of living your life again and we are happy to be here to support you on your journey.







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